What is K-Means Algorithm?

K-Means Clustering is an Unsupervised Learning algorithm, which groups the unlabeled dataset into different clusters. Here K defines the number of pre-defined clusters that need to be created in the process, as if K=2, there will be two clusters, and for K=3, there will be three clusters, and so on.

It is an iterative algorithm that divides the unlabeled dataset into k different clusters in such a way that each dataset belongs only one group that has similar properties.

Unsupervised learning is where you train a machine learning algorithm, but you don’t give it the answer to the problem. In…

What is javascript

JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a programming language that
conforms to the ECMAScript specification. JavaScript is high-level, often just-in-time compiled, and multi-paradigm. It has curly-bracket syntax, dynamic typing,prototype-based object-orientation, and first-class
As a multi-paradigm language, JavaScript supports event-driven,
functional, and imperative programming styles. It has application programming interfaces (APIs) for working with text, dates, regular expressions, standard data structures, and the Document Object Model(Dom).

JavaScript engines were originally used only in web browsers, but they are now core components of other software systems, most notably servers and a variety of applications.
JScript was first released in 1996, alongside initial…

Here in this article we will do some image processing operations like creating our own image, swapping two images and concatenating two images to form a collage by using opencv python library.

Digital image processing consists of the manipulation of images using digital computers. Its use has been increasing exponentially in the last decades.The processing of digital images can be divided into several classes: image enhancement, image restoration, image analysis, and image compression.

OpenCV is a huge open-source library for computer vision, machine learning, and image processing. OpenCV supports a wide variety of programming languages like Python, C++, Java, etc…

In this article we will see that what is confusion matrix and why do we need it and how with the help of machine learning we can detect cyber crime any many other things.

Well, it is a performance measurement for machine learning classification problem where output can be two or more classes. It is a table with 4 different combinations of predicted and actual values.

We can’t run a GUI application on top of docker container by default. Because container does not have xserver which is required to run a GUI application on linux.

So here we will see how we can launch a GUI container on top of docker.

An X server is a program in the X Window System that runs on local machines (i.e., the computers used directly by users) and handles all access to the graphics cards, display screens and input devices (typically a keyboard and mouse) on those computers.

1) Start the docker service as:-

systemctl start docker

2) Now…

Here we will see how to host a node.js + mongodb website through docker container.

Docker is the world’s leading software container platform. It is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy and run the application by using containers. Docker eases the process of deployment of an application and efficient by resolving a lot of issues related to deployment.

Containers resolve the problem of a code working on one operating system/computing environment and not working on another. …

_Task Description_ 📄

So in the first part we have to pull the docker container image of CentOS from docker hub and create a new terminal . So first let me explain you what is docker and we need containerisation .

We start the docker as:-

systemctl start docker

So we pull an CentOS image on top of docker by using command:-

docker pull centos:7

And run a terminal on it as:-

docker run -it --name PuruOS centos:7


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